Babylon: Hold On In Faith

Cracked sidewalks, garbage stacked in yards, walls crumbling
Like some ransacked city with plenty to distract the eye
From shreds and shards of beauty still peeping out of holes
In the ground, seeping through overflowing blueish sewage
Of filth, and some band plays of resistance in the distance,
Last waltz for the faults of an overgrown society gone insane
To become the bane of the world, hurled into despair with
No hope of repair, and so vacant eyes stare into nothingness
As politicians cry for votes and refugees sail in on boats,
And cooperationists gloat over their wealth while the health
Of this Babylon deteriorates and economists debate the rate
Of currency, fundamentalists berate, and the wealthy satiate
Insatiable appetites while the rate of decline continues on,
And the people dance to the wrong song as darkness descends
And evil transcends this city once shining on emerald hill;
Yet morning will come again without warning,
And light dispel the night without any fright.

Hold On In Faith.


8 thoughts on “Babylon: Hold On In Faith

  1. Only if we hold on to what we know is the source of strength, we will see light in midst of darkened hope.
    Great work dear friend!
    Dajena 🙂

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