Walking Low in Spiritual Youth

You walk tall in the sanctuary and talk of sanctimony;
You raise your hands and praise the heavens in glory,
Sure of your own wisdom, vision and charisma so fine,
But you balk at all authority, at the age of the sage,
Who’d guide and direct, lead and protect you from folly;
Of course, in your youth you already know the truth,
Spirit-filled as you are, so of course you bar any advice
Twice given, resorting to devices devised so concisely
In your own misguided heart, never taking part in start
Of disciplined learning, churning instead in your soul
With false enthusiasm, letting flow cutting sarcasm,
Shaming the ones who love you with love from above,
Dishonoring the honorable with vile bile of the tongue;
And do you expect God to bless and caress you in this?
And imagine yourself an angel in such spiritual famine?
You have an awful lot to learn and the lessons’ll burn!


8 thoughts on “Walking Low in Spiritual Youth

  1. The distance between spiritual youthfulness to spiritual maturity can be rife with self-constructed obstacles. The message here is universal. Well-done.

      1. You’re welcome. It felt personal but imagine it’s like this for many walking the spiritual boulevard. Thank you.

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