Guiding Light, Deceitful Blight

What stands as a tower of power, but crumbles at a stone’s throw?
What compels a man to repel all walls of earth, then weep at derth?
What causes a woman to purely love, then in anger push and shove?
What inspires the poet to artfully write, then bites him in the heart?
What gives passion to lovers only to turn their affair to ashen heap?
What moves mountains to fountains of water, then gives wells of hell?
Ah! Tis the heart, the best and worst part of humanity in calamity!

Yes, the heart … above all our guiding light and deceitful blight.


7 thoughts on “Guiding Light, Deceitful Blight

  1. This reminded me of ‘The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?’ from Jeremiah.
    Only in His presence it will be well with our soul.
    Dajena ~

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