And I Long for Forgiveness

Oh, my children, how I’ve tried and applied myself
In giving you my heart and soul and trying to fill
Role of loving father, but I’ve failed and no one
Can bail me out or sail me to a more peaceful shore;
No, I’m left to abhor myself and I cannot blame you
For the shame you feel in being my children, locked
In the prison of binding blood, finding no way
Of escape, and there is nothing I can do to retrace
Past mistakes for the sake of your joy and happiness;
No, I can only fade away into the shades of Hades
Where such as I belong, though I long for redemption;
But there is no exemption, it seems, for such as I,
Though I cry and try to make amends and be the man
That I was always meant to be in this sea of life;
So what can I say except fare-thee-well till bell
Tolls on Judgment Day when all ways will be revealed?

And I long for forgiveness


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