Book Release by Gifted Poet


Her book is now being released: Passion in Poetry: Whispers from the Soul, by Nandita Yata. It has certainly been delightful, insightful, pleasurable and inspirational to read her work, and I can only reiterate my comment from the backside of her publication:

“From start to finish, Nandita writes with verve and spirit. In her unique poetic prose, she weaves together mind, body, and soul in a superlative manner. Sometimes sharp and poignant, sometimes subtle and searching, Nandita is always pleasurable to read, thought-provoking, and often inspirational. Many have already been blessed by her writings, and now many more will receive the same in her offerings here in her first book publication. Read slowly, read carefully, and enjoy.”

I should only like to add that this gifted writer and poet has become an endeared friend. She is soul-deep, passionate and compassionate, often plumbing the depths of the rawest of human emotions, not only in her poetry but in private conversation as well. It is truly an honor to know her and count her as a blessed compatriot. 

You can purchase the book by visiting


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