Eucharistic Liturgy of Lurid Life (Collaboration With Unbolt)

Wraiths unseen creep in blight neath bed of night;
I belong to them, I am their birthright;
I long for them, sick in soul, and in their sight
Sit in shame like worthless baggage claim;
I am a merely pathetic acolyte
To perform unholy rite of morbid plight

To cover the altar with a red baize,
To light poison incense in pretense of praise,
To robe a lump of clay of hard black glaze,
To spread bad bread to supplicants in puzzlement
As pyres are lit in fires for sullied, sordid men
Screaming with no more dreaming of redemption!

Note: This was an exceptional honor and privilege to collaborate with the very talented Tetiana Aleksina of Unbolt.  Thank you, Tetiana, for graciously agreeing to work with me!


7 thoughts on “Eucharistic Liturgy of Lurid Life (Collaboration With Unbolt)

  1. Veni, vidi, vici… I should admit that you caught me unawares with your request 😯
    Anyway, it was an honor for me too, and it was a real fun! Thank you so much, Jonathan! YOU ROCK! 😀

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