Lurking Nearby

They are insidious, these creatures of burning coal,
Stalking your very soul thru the day, finding a way
To strike you down just when you answer high call;
To make you fall when you stand tall is their plan
So painfully obvious, and any opportunity will do
To unglue and plunge you in the stark of darkness,
For they hate joy and peace; they hate you, it’s true,
So their function is destruction, and their intention
An incarceration of the soul, a binding of your mind,
And finding every means of torture in horror of hell;
So take your care when you fare well,
For the dæmons always lurk nearby!


5 thoughts on “Lurking Nearby

  1. And the demons are back, aren’t they? Jon, my dear friend, I’m sorry you are going through what you are going through. And i pray with all my heart, this too passes soon.

  2. Jonathan. I am not sure if you are familiar with the work of Frank Pereti, but this write, reminded me of him.
    May you find strength to stay on rock solid ground.
    Even this shall pass.

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