Ode to Glorious Parents

I had better parents than I could ask for, even when I was errant,
And today I cannot help but think of my them with blink of tears
In my eye; it’s been so long and though I try I cannot say goodbye;
Without fail they taught me to sail the sea of life rife with pain,
But with the gain of satisfaction in a day well spent, no torment
To plague my night with fright of devils neath my bed or any lurid
Images running wild in my head; they only said, ‘I love you dearly’
And all the monsters went away, and only peace and safety to stay
As I lay me down to sleep with never reason to weep in strong keep
Of home fashioned by faith and prayers and the very air of heaven
To which none other could compare, so what now can I say to them?

Thank You for Being Father, Mother to this Child


9 thoughts on “Ode to Glorious Parents

  1. Regrets suck
    I’ve been there
    Being grateful is way better
    I have found for me they did the best they could with what they had
    I missed them so
    They are both gone
    Sorry Jd but you struck a chord
    Great post
    Excellent work

  2. The child does not always know what a blessing the parents are
    until they have sprouts of their own, to care, mend, and love.
    And in those moments, when heartfelt gratitude bubbles up inside,
    the joys of knowing what a blessing they were, across the soul glide.
    May all this and more, continue to dwell in your days my friend.
    For we all need to be thankful to our guardian angels, heaven sent.

    – Your post brought tears in my eyes. I am on the same wavelength when it comes to parents. Love them very much, and I am happy to have them as a continual guidance in my life.

    Blessings to you Jonathan!
    🙂 Dajena

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