Insatiable: Poema de Conversatio

Driven by so much rejection you’re an uneasy collection
Of mixed emotions pining for affection and protection;
Yeah I have been down and out in supplication
Pleading for love for long, with no gratification

Fleeing loneliness, you spin and run without direction;
I’m giddy with thoughts running amok looking for salvation

In search of perfection in love, and so with projection
Finely tuned and acute, you imagine solidarity of hearts;
Yeah, in a love so ideal that exists, but only in divination
As I collect those like mine in real and in thoughts

But there is only infection of your tarnished soul;
Alas! I purge impure thoughts to make myself whole

Yet with dark hole so large only God could fill you up;
Searching for eternal flame to brim my mantle’s cup

Ah! but you sup on sordid images of longing and belonging;
Oh, but I now feed on immaculate and pristine yearning!

For someone, anyone, completely without rhyme or reason;
No, for the One who consumes me with love most sensibly

Out of season, though, and it’s treason of the mind;
Everything has a time, I’ve left those directionless wanderings behind

Yet you bind yourself to lurid images in horrid hunger;
You are…


Note: This is the second dialogue-collaboration with my friend, Nandita. Once again, this talented poetess found “grist for the mill” in my original “Insatiable.” She subsequently added her own poetic response to each of my lines so that readers now have an actual, poetic conversation between two friends on the subject of hurt, pain and the search for love… The subject is an important one and the converse runs deep in a soulish kind of way. Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Insatiable: Poema de Conversatio

        1. Oh… I must be losing my ever-loving mind, then! I really thought I saw it posted! Please forgive this tired and weary soul. (Oh, but I have another idea! Check your messaging! LOL)

    1. You might say that. 😉 Or it is at least a conversation about the continuance of something that actually began long ago! Thank you for your comment, and all the best to you!

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