Any Need to Learn and Turn? (Response Unleashed)

Skating on thin ice, you’re heading for the danger zone;
Yes, I’ve always been reckless, I’m not afraid of being alone

Rushing into love that burns and turns to ashes quickly,
But I’ll find something worth fighting for and let it burn me

It singes the edges of your heart, stretches your soul thin;
Ah! But I was born to love and be loved for the love within

No, It runs you into the ground, pound on pound, without a sound;
Love finds me no matter; I am quiet or singing around

Yes, But you are foolish to fly in where angels dare to tread;
Ah! But I’m a songbird, by the music of the universe I’m led

It is for dread of being pulled down to hell, but you’re deaf
To the warning bell…
But heaven or hell are concepts, no fear, just another step forward

You think, but you’ve plugged up your ears in the fear of being left alone,
Bereft of all love, my dove…
With songs of divine love, that shall be sung through the years, I am fearless, love is my strength blessed from above

But you’re reaching your hand into the fire of your own Blackened funeral pyre;
I’m only following my heart, of the magic I’m shown, no hesitation or intimidation,
This body will perish, but my spirit will soar without annihilation

Nay! and what’ll you have proven, then, when you’ve burned?
That I’m love and love shan’t ever be damned!
Only if it is true love, unsullied and unadulterated…
Learn and Turn
Yes, let love churn!

Beware the churning of tainted love!

Note: This must be by far the most provocative collaboration in which I have ever participated.  This began with an original creation by yours truly, which seemed to speak to the depths of my friend Nandita’s soul. As she has so eloquently done before, she elaborated on my poem, but this time by adding responses (in italics), thus turning this piece into poetic dialogue. And the subject matter, presented from two differing perspectives, reaches down to the depths of heart, mind, and soul as these fundamental aspects of human nature interact and play an altogether pivotal  role in the dynamic of human relations.



14 thoughts on “Any Need to Learn and Turn? (Response Unleashed)

  1. All’s well that ends well, eh Jon? 🙂
    P.S. A little tweaking I did, of one of my lines, to maintain the rhyming scheme.

  2. Oh nobel theme!! U r a noble person n u should give many blessings to ur friend.plz no become as villain in her life n praying for her happy life.if u r a sincere guy,plz save valuese of has many form n absolutely selfishless.plz donn’t curse her.n motivate her.

    1. No curses here… only sage warnings from someone who has experienced the ups and downs of life enough to know that there is danger in certain forms of “love.” One must be very, very careful and circumspect, or one might very well find oneself in more pain and suffering than hitherto imaginable. But, then, Nandita answered my poem line by line in offering her own very unique perspective, thus leaving the reader to further contemplate this most complex subject.

        1. No complication at all, my friend, just an erudite, poetic dialogue on an excruciatingly important and sometimes very painful subject … Which is why I’m not too terribly surprised by the response! LOL 🙂

    2. Hi Aruna, I’m touched by your concern for me but like Jon says, there is no cursing here. He and I are great friends and our friendship goes beyond words. This is a work of art and should be taken in that sense. Jon would never curse me. He loves me as a friend just like you do. And he motivates me all the time. I’m sorry for causing you worry. Thank you 🙂

    1. Not all love is fraud… There is genuine and healthy love. Wisdom and discernment allows us to know the difference and, thus, to save ourselves from an awful lot of hurt and pain and personal suffering… At this point, though, I might add that I wrote my poem first and foremost for myself. Please remember, this was NOT originally a collaboration. Nandita freely chose to add her own poetic responses to the original. so… I am not the boogeyman in her life! Thank you for your comments.

    2. For Aruna: I am not sure I understand what you are trying to say. But i assure you no one is deceiving anyone here. There is no deceit in friendship and like I’ve already said, Jon is one of my closest friends here. I love him. And yes, I wrote my response freely to his original work as I usually do. Thank you for commenting. This was going to be a thought provoking collaboration we knew it. Right Jon?
      P.S. Boogeyman lol

      1. Absolutely! This was an experiment in poetic tête-à-tête … and really I think it turned out fabulously. I think this might be a work that a good many readers can contemplate seriously and from which they might even benefit… As I said elsewhere, the original was written primarily for myself, but you have added another erudite perspective in your responses, turning this into a marvelous dialogue! 😉

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