All is New in You

Did you stretch to pull me back from the edge?
Did you lift your head when I was so harried?
Did you laugh ever loftily when you reached me?
Did you shed tears of joy with me in your arms?

And all is new in you…

Shall we dance now and swoon ‘neath the stars?
Shall we run and play now and ne’er grow weary?
Shall we prance thru fields of green of life?
Shall we rest by the wide-open, golden ocean?

And all is new in you…

Do you see me now in new clothing so spotless?
Do you hear me now in new song sung sweetly?
Do you feel me now in my everlasting passion?
Do you know me now in eternally grateful heart?

And all is new in you…


10 thoughts on “All is New in You

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! This is beautiful poetry..And now because I can’t help it (you do know me so well), here’s something for you.

    He carried you when you saw just one set of footprints in the sand
    Yet you had no faith even in yourself as you joined the nomadic band
    Now you know his love for you never wavered not for once
    You were replanted, arisen and been given another chance

  2. world of love or friendship ,there is no disputation n angerness.these demànd only sacrifce.u have to do dis for ur happieness of manan.always remember dt we all r dependent on time n luck n past never return back
    .pray to God for ur spritualy peace.plz.

    1. You must be interpreting my original poem as specifically intended for Manan. It was not; she added her own responses, and I wish her nothing but the best and healthiest in love … and true and lasting peace. Please read my other replies.

    2. Also, this poem has absolutely nothing to do with Manan, my friend… This is an esoteric, spiritual piece that (again) focuses on my personally. All the best to you, Aruna!

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