Learn and Turn

Skating on thin ice, you’re heading for the danger zone,
Rushing into love that burns and turns to ashes quickly,
Singes the edges of your heart, stretches your soul thin,
Runs you into the ground, pound on pound, not a sound;
And you are foolish to fly in where angels dare to tread
For dread of being pulled down to hell, but you’re deaf
To the warning bell … but you’ve plugged up your ears
In the fear of being left alone, bereft of all love, my dove,
But you’re reaching your hand into the fire of your own
Blackened funeral pyre, no hesitation or intimidation,
And what’ll you have proven, then, when you’ve burned?

Learn and Turn


11 thoughts on “Learn and Turn

  1. In Albania we say: like a chicken with no head – I feel many times, when we ignore that little small voice, we can harm ourselves more than help. But then, where would we be without Grace? 🙂
    Dajena 🙂

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