Ah! When you don’t know what to do with the hurt,
You flirt with danger, lookin’ for a game-changer,
And you descend further into the black sea of pain
With no heart gain, and you drive yourself insane,
And you deign to give reign to such sordid feelings
Without any thought of what first brought you here
Or taught your spirit to fear, and you can’t hear
An heavenly call to stand up tall or forever fall;
So you sink low into a pit where you sit in a fit,
But there is another way while this day is today,
If only you have eyes to see what’s offered free,
But you avert the gift all because you…



16 thoughts on “Hurt

  1. Poignantly written, Jon, and filled with truth. Many of us forsake the potential happiness right in front of us when we are hurt by taking ourselves down dangerous paths that make it more difficult to return to that happiness. Love this!

  2. Hey dear guy!! U r blamming on which guy.u know dt somebody r in d world who r needed black seà of pain for living ,for example, writers need to ascend d new pains again n again for writing.what is dangerous things,about of ,they donn’t want to know.m i right?plz sorry if u mind.

      1. And when THIS persuasive spirit of a friend hits, she hits hardest! Lol. Alright, that means I have no choice but to use my superpowers. Haha

  3. It’s so much easier to stick with what you know
    Than to venture out of the comfort of pain
    The uncertainty of life
    Will I be able to hold it in my hand
    As I once did pain
    Oh how will I ever know
    A question I’d asked myself for yrs
    Until I took that first step and haven’t look back since
    Thank you Jd

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