Once you were tagged and sought, but you can’t be bought
Or brought about the winding road to sad life unravelling
At the seams, though the dark beams through thick forest
Of your existence in persistence in insistence of undoing
What has been given above mere existence in the distance
From cradle to grave; you are no knave but forever brave,
Worthy for One to save, brought out from the hellish cave;
Stand tall now, and call aloud before the ghouls maul you
And you crawl bloody away to stay forever hidden at bay,
To weigh in the balance and be found wanting to taunting
Of dæmon hordes, who hold cords round about your neck
And threaten to break your back for lack of divine courage;
Awake, O sleeper, and arise to claim your heavenly prize!
You are no longer what once you were… You are redeemed!


8 thoughts on “Redeemed

  1. oh dear nobletheme !!wel done.every line is wonderful.’of ur existence in persistance in insistance of undoing’…..r mazical words and’ from cradle to grave….”i feel dt i m going as crazy.

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