How fortunate ~ no, blessed ~ I am to be able to post my third (has it only been three???) collaboration with Nandita (Manan Unleashed)! This joined effort was as sweet and free-flowing and effortless as our previous works.  Thank you, Nans, for the privilege!

Hands are sometimes heavy, sometimes light and strive with all their might;
Bitter and better lesson, different hands touch you for a reason

Hands are sometimes ugly, sometimes pretty and, yes, at times even petty;
Just like tongues that hurt or heal, inner beauty or the lack thereof, shall reveal

Hands are sometimes hurtful, sometimes helpful like an heavenly vessel;
Folded hands versus helping hands, choose one Sunday or every sunny day?

Ah! There is one hand that reaches out without demand storms to command;
Yes, this hand only gives endlessly, never anticipates, seldom receives

And that one right hand is steady, even when not seen behind the screen…
When you falter and you stumble, it is this hand that lifts you from the rubble

Even when some hands are lean and others are mean and demeaning, too
This one steady hand enriches your journey, should you choose to hold it


8 thoughts on “Hands

  1. Thank you for considering me worthy enough to pass on the message of God. I’m always happy to spread love 🙂

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