Thoughts fly like the wind and bend my mind;
To and fro they go, criss-crossing my brain,
Attacking with no lacking of restless energy,
Centrally located, breathing an elegy for me
Before my time … and they chime midnight
In my mournful soul, filling the vacant hole
That leaves me shaking, sweating and betting
That dawn awakes too late; I’ve taken the bait
Again and lie in pain with no spiritual gain;
Only haunting and demonic taunting over me,
Tossing and turning, burning and churning
With the night with all my might, love out
Of sight, waiting for the light to shine bright
When the sun reaches his height and I shout
And cry for comfort before I sing me good bye,
Yeah … before I die … but then opens the sky,
And I wait no longer to satiate appetite for joy;
Yes, the thoughts are stopped by one thought
Brought from heavenly realms, bought by blood,
And my heart is torn apart yet mended
On bended knee … this battle is done
One more battle is done!


18 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Truly, one battle is done, my dear Jon. And continue with the belief that the “one behind the shadows” is always guiding you if only if listen close and pay attention, “the wind carries the name”. Just the fact that, you have come to terms with certain hard facts after having hit rock bottom is proof enough that one hurdle is over. Like the meme i posted on your FB timeline, keep walking undaunted on the path Jon and I can tell you for sure you shall be the victor in his eyes.

        1. Oh my dear Nans, I can’t find your latest! Be patient with me… Where is your latest offering??? I am on my way out the door, but I will read it when I return this afternoon. All the best to you w/blessings!

  2. Such a nice post about thoughts, each line was heavy carrying out the exact impression of our human mind and thinking ways. Brilliant! – Cezane

  3. Life is amazing in its contrasts– the fever pitch of the battle that seems it will tear us apart is such a far cry from the cool dawn of grace that follows our surrender to what is given.


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