A Canticle of Whispers (3-Way Collaboration)

A one-of-a-kind, unique 3-way “cleave” poem with Nandita (in regular) and Joseph (in bold), two very talented poets and friends.  Thank you Nans and Joseph for the honor and privilege of collaborating with you. To my readers:  Please take the time to explore these two gifted writers by clicking on the links above. Now enjoy this “Canticle of Whispers.” 

You see me through my dark; I am your unthethered shadow; stark as Light you shine!
Lift me up when I’m down; bring me down for a sunset moment; dawn on me when the sun goes down 
You are the voice within, hark! You whisper me wisdom as I listen to choice words of love 
You are the smile to my frown ushering the smile of the day in; your smile never really leaves

Beacons will light the way along the path when I stray; every day you’re at my side
Demons greet me in their pack and no sad hate the demons lack; villains but vanquished within a thought 
In the gate that stands in light of day hypnotized, I lose my way; mesmerized in dreams, no loss
I howl for you to find me; you always help me back; you give me a mansion in place of my shack

Silver lining to my clouded eye, a tear falls in the moon’s silvery reflection and to this earthen vessel I say ‘goodbye’
This miracle I’m undeserving of; deserving of a miracle just to be; by grace you have made me whole 
Forever in your debt, am I; you are the one that lead me all this time; try as I may I can never repay
You are my one true love, my complete, my oneness for eternity, crystal clear this reborn life so new 

Note:  The “cleave” in its most basic form is two or three poems:  two parallel ‘vertical’ poems (left and right) a third ‘horizontal’ poem being the fusion of the vertical poems read together. But here, Nandita thought “out of the box” and came up with a four-in-one poem.



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