Babylon America

And he called out with a mighty voice, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!”
— From the Revelation of St. John (or the Apocalypse)
Fallen to the seduction of greed, have we created our own self-destruction
In an introduction to deconstruction of everything we’ve pretended to be?
Alas Lady Liberty! What stain of blood on hands and for what sordid gain?
And do you hear all the children cry and say ‘goodbye’ as they lay and die?
Do you see the crimson river flowing and feel the wind blowing the turmoil
That you alone have created in order to be sated in demonstrated avarice?
Do you wonder at your own short-sighted blunder cutting nations asunder?
Ah! But the time is now here when God shall strike fear into your very soul,
And who shall save you from falling from your height, O Babylon of might?
Night has come upon you and there is no flight, but only heaven’s blight!


4 thoughts on “Babylon America

  1. When brothers kill brothers
    in the name of religion
    When humanity is forgotten and we become slaves of self inflicted prison
    When a hundred rivers of bloody tears start flowing
    Whose blood was it? Whose tears? There’s no way of knowing

    You ripped me to bits, I hacked you into pieces
    Do you think our Gods laughed and made happy faces?
    When will we understand we are the same, only called by a different name
    What legacy are we leaving behind for the posterity, we should hang our head in shame
    – Yours Truly

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