Finally Love

I feel it coursing through my veins, blood of conviction after addiction,
And you were always there but I talked to myself, turned and walked away,
And it was another dark day, too cold and dreary even for one so bold…
Yeah, I broke your heart, tore it apart, and never expected another start
At Love from above cause I threw it all away and didn’t even say why,
Just good bye…
Another sigh
Hearts die
And I fly to another place in time and space, but you’re there, too, waiting,
Not baiting me and not hating me like you should, and you could, but there
In the twilight of my life I lay me down in your sight without anymore fight,
No strength for flight, no will to climb another height … and you’re here
By my side; you never left me bereft, but what can I do to repay you? Nothing
But to love you like I should because you first loved me … and thank you.


22 thoughts on “Finally Love

  1. I am no teacher
    To teach you how to love,
    For the fish need no teacher
    To teach them to swim.
    And birds need no teacher
    To teach them flight.

    Swim on your own.
    Fly on your own.

    Love comes with no textbooks
    And the greatest lovers in history were illiterate.

  2. At one glance, it looks like you are talking about a lover you lost because of your own reasons, could be arrogance, ego, folly no doubt you are left with lament and now want to undo the hurt you caused that person. While you went away with clouded reason, I suspect she always stayed right where and how you left her without stopping to love you.

    And I’m thinking… no no no it can’t simply be that. Here, there is so much more to be understood. You refound HIM. You strayed on the path set for you by HIM and it took hitting rock bottom for you to realize that, didn’t it? And now, you retrack, retrace, return.

    In the ‘twilight of my life’, was loaded. While it has a literal meaning to it to the unsuspecting eye, I’m quite sensing possible connotations other than the obvious. Having said that, in both my interpretations above, so to say in the masterly crafted duality of your poem, the motif is unmistakable: Gratitude.

    Jon, I follow your works very closely. This was, as usual, a very well executed, touchingly emotional, profound piece. I do have one tiny reservation though, if i may.
    In the final lines, you say that in order to repay this kindness and benevolence, you should love this entity/being like you should “because you loved me first”? I somehow am unable to relate to the condition you have put here. Don’t you think it sort of negates the wonderful emotions you have been feeling in the preceeding lines? Or am I missing something here, my dear?

    1. Wow! You absolutely nailed it, my good friend! So very perceptive, indeed; thank you… I think the whole work builds up to the simple realization that He is everything I ever really wanted to begin with; I just didn’t realize it… Having said this, there is Love. There is no way that I can “repay,” but that’s not even necessary. I simply DO love because I have received Love. I don’t know that I’ve done an especially good job in conveying this, but it’s like a cosmic dance. I resisted for so long; I ran for so long; I stood against the wall … but now I’ve been swept off my feet out onto the dance floor. My Partner leads; I now willingly follow. This is reciprocal love … love following Love, if you will. At least, this is what was running through my mind when I wrote. Thank you again, Nans! It astonished me that you could seemingly so easily perceive both meanings, but then you are wise, my dear friend! As always, blessings to you!!! πŸ™‚

      1. Beautiful, Jon. Your poems always move me deeply. I’m so happy to have a friend in you. The realization, better late than never. HE works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, it takes death to come back to life, doesn’t it? But you, my dear wise enlightened friend, have found solace in acceptance and gratitude. I’m always in your corner and you know it. So happy for you!

  3. Made me a little misty-eyed. A story was recently related to me, and it goes like this –
    A person is walking down the road and comes across a letter lying on the sidewalk. She picks it up and sees that it is addressed to a Smith from a Sam. Being curious, she reads it and finds great personal meaning in it.
    Upon hearing about this instance, a friend asks her, ‘How did you find that letter so meaningful at all? You know neither Smith, nor Sam. So how can that letter have any sort of message or meaning for you?’
    And she replies, “I believe that if He wants to, He can talk to me even through a letter lying on pavement.”
    The reason for the story is that I do think that your poem speaks to me too. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift.

    1. Oh my! Thank you so much for sharing that story. I wholeheartedly agree, and now I’m misty-eyed. You could not have offered this poem a greater compliment! Thank you so very, very much! Blessing to you

  4. Jon, I realized you may be unaware (since you’ve been away) that I have a second site now.
    You know id like your presence there too πŸ™‚ Hope the day is treating you well. Keep the faith.

  5. This could indeed be read on two levels but as Nandita mentions above and having read your poetry before I am able to connect with the deeply esoteric quality of your words. As ever masterly executed in every way with lines such as…”never expected another start at Love from above cause I threw it all away” and “I fly to another place in time and space, but you’re there too, waiting, not baiting me” and “…you first loved me.” This made me think of 1 John 4:19, “We love because He first loved us.” Thank you for these words of praise and thanks. πŸ™‚

      1. Hi my friend…miss you too so I am checking in to say a brief hello before dashing out to garden etc…will catch up more later. Do hope all well and will maybe send an email later… πŸ™‚ Have a good day and take care πŸ™‚

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