Across the wasted land in the band with no home;
Across the raging sea, not where we want to be;
Across the beach sand and wave foam to be damned;
Across the earth so far from hearth, empty hand…
And where now shall we go and how shall we know?
And who will take us in and begin to heal the hurt?
And who will seal our hearts and bind our wounds?
And who will mind our needs and heed our cries?
Who will feed our children or give us fresh seed?
Who will bend to love and tend our deepest cares?
Or shall we be tossed and forever lost in the world?
Or shall we see the eye of heaven and say good bye?



14 thoughts on “Refugee

  1. “Be aware of your own worth,
    use all of your power to achieve it.
    Create an ocean from a dewdrop.
    Do not beg for light from the moon,
    obtain it from the spark within you…”

    ~ Allama Iqbal

  2. “Or shall we see the eye of heaven and say good bye?” I hope we keep embracing refugees (our neighbors), so they won’t feel the need to turn to this option.
    Beautiful poem again.

    1. Thank you, Patty! I, too, hope and pray that we will embrace the many thousands of refugees… This poem was obviously written with an eye to the current crisis. There are so very many hurting people, families, entire communities. Just a few days ago, Aleppo was bombed and at least over 50 innocent people killed. Now the city is literally in flames… May we see this; may we hear the cries; may we sense the desperation and respond with open arms! Thank you again for you gracious comment!

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