Brussels: In Sympathy

Violent cowardice, vehement, hides behind religion,
Masquerades as spiritual, but life is sacrificial;
Flood of blood is testimony to their stony hearts
Filled with hate they satiate with bullets and bombs;
And they are a disgrace to good people of real faith,
And Brussels is testimony to their infidelity to God.
Ah! They are liars, who build funeral pyres and light
The fires, but all so secretly planned because they
Have no guts or backbone, but souls of stone shone
With every act of terror and the very fact of their
Existence and persistence in slaughter of innocents!
With pride they hide and abide in a lust for death…
And so may they receive what their hearts conceive! 


5 thoughts on “Brussels: In Sympathy

    1. Oh, my friend, believe me I have written about Iraq and Syrian, and most especially about the plight of the Palestinian peoples. I must confess my ignorance, though: I have not known of tragedies in Ankara and Lahore … but if I had, I would also have written for them. As it is, this piece was written immediately following the tragedy in Brussels. Thank you for reading and thank you for your comment! Peace and blessings to you!

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