Oh! How Much Longer, This Dangerous Lie?

You’ve seen the writing on the wall — the good, the bad, the all;
Mostly bad and terribly sad — but you cover what you eye spies,
And you stop up your ears cause you don’t wanna hear; there can’t
Be a tear in your fantasy land no matter what’s dealt by the hand
Of Fate… At every turn you burn another bridge to better existence
In your persistent insistence to hang on to an insane asylum case;
You just put on your Mary Poppins’ face, lace up your cutsie booties
To do you antebellum duties, as you continue to chase a pretty ace
That’s not even in the deck; what the heck! You’ll just imagine his
Hard heart on an airy card you can coddle in your vacant soul to try
To fill that great, big hole left by the insidious mole of his undying,
Ever depleting, mind numbing, soul drying ways; all will be okay,
Right? Wrong, but you keep singing the same song, bringing on the
Same pain with no gain, but it’s your game, though you can’t tame
What’s naturally wild to make it meek and mild, no matter how much
You seek and try to turn the lie into truth; it’s a fool’s booth
You’re sitting in, but do you even begin to realize, to visualize
Your real position when we peel away the scary layers of fantasy?
No! Not because you can’t, but because you won’t and so you don’t!
And how many would leap to help you … but instead we sit and weep!
You’re in too deep now; how much longer can you keep this up?


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