Receiving to Give to Receive

There is always something inside — jolting, bolting — that will not abide
Being locked up; it bucks to arise from the muck of mired soul, to be out
And about the outside world, hurled against the insanity of human vanity;
But will you set it free for everyone to see and hear far and near and dear?
There is always a treasure meant to give pleasure, but not only to you alone,
But to everyone under the sun, for this is what is meant in the heaven-sent;
It is an amorous gift to be laid bare, to share with the meek, mild and fair
If you but dare to open up to let others sup at the dinner table of your heart
At which you freely give the better part, and thus receive the greater gift
Of satisfaction in the loving transaction, an undiluted angelic attraction…
But will you heed the call to give all to receive more from God’s own store?


4 thoughts on “Receiving to Give to Receive

  1. I really like this title. For me, one of the most rewarding challenges of my life has been (and continues to be) learning how to receive love and energy from others. I am happy to give it all away from myself to others, but receiving is its own art. Thank you for your words. Grateful to have found your work here and happy to NOW be following you. With Joy and Gratitude, Zach from

  2. At different times, we are givers and takers to some and from others. Perhaps, only God gives without expecting in return but even with that I’m not sure. A well-written and thought provoking post with a title that came make us go round in circles:-)

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