New Ace to Play

Yeah, you left your place, cut off the chase;
You played your spaded ace, hid your face…
And now what but to ask from here to where?
And how will you begin again to erase the sin?
You tried to check out, to end the crazy spin,
And you made a helluva wreck, hung shame
Around your neck, fleck of your insane life
Laying on the deck of mortality, but what?
Yeah, you’re still here, not there anymore,
So what will you do with your life brand new,
Now that the old is gone, buried cold since
You lost your hold? Be bold, then, no longer
Just one sheep in the fold; do what your heart
Told you long ago; stand on solid ground now,
Not on sinking sand! Yeah, you tried to bring
It all to an end, but you didn’t see the bend
In the road that would send you to another
Place in timeless space to begin building you
Anew — mind, body, and soul — will you find
Courage enough not to bow to foolish whims,
But surprise the world; rise like the Phoenix?
Yeah, you tried, but you’re still here to abide
On this side of life, but also given the chance
To begin again; so dance in the bright light;
You’ve got a new ace to play, the better part
Of the one heart; yeah, it’s a brand new start!


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