On the Threshold of Victory (Recast)

Doubt and fear draw near, assail my soul;
‘There is no hope,’ the dry battle cry;
I drearily shake in terror, nearly fall,
So forlorn, I almost choke
On their lie, say ‘goodbye.’

‘Where is the Spirit,’ he haunts my dream,
This voice, this scream inside of my head;
‘It’s all a sweet lie, like mamma’s cream;
Why thrust yourself in trust
Of what some stranger said?’

‘What rubbish, and no more than your crutch!
Be done with it and run, you’re finally free!’
Ah! But then comes she whom I cannot now see;
Now comes the whisper touch
Of her numinous hand-reach…

‘Will love now be lost, and hope be gone,
And all of your faith without any fight?
And this when the victory is already won,
And such brilliant light
Has swallowed the night?’


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