As You Board the Funeral Ferry

You constantly turned and burned your bridges;
You raised your loud voice and made your choice;
You made pretense of ill-fortune as your defence;
You pushed the envelope too far for anymore hope.

Now it’s the real deal but you still play a lame game;
Now you act satisfied being brave and dignified;
Now, though, you’re sad and mad because it’s bad;
Now you’re caught by truth; your soul’s been bought.

What will you do with the bag of lies you carry?
What will you do now with no one else to marry?
What will you do now as another one they’ll bury?
What will you do now as you board the funeral ferry?

Once upon a time your tall tales were addictive;
Once upon a time you got by with being vindictive;
Once upon a time your looks won all of the crooks;
Once upon a time … but now you’ll cross the brook.

Do you silently cry behind puffed up face and frown?
Do you look now with doubt for some eternal crown?
Do you cast glance now at some pretty funeral gown?
Do you know in your own diseased body you’ll drown?

Will you pay the price to roll the dice one more time?
Will you say some nice words before death-bell chime?

The River waits for your crossing; time’s up, my pup!

Time’s up . . . and I truly do weep for you; truly I do.


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