Captured in Your Heart, You Cry


It’ll just about drive you to tears
When the years and all your fears
Roll up in your heart and start
To come out and stop cause no one
Under the sun will understand you
Or stand by you as you cry, wanting
To die, and so you try to deny all
Of the pain, but memories, they call
One and all, and you stall and fall
On the borderline between reality
And fantasy dreamed to make the pain
Go away, and to wash out the stain
Under strain of guilt you’ve felt
Almost all your life under the belt
Of condemnation, begging redemption;
If only you could mention the good
Without the bad, but how very sad
That you’re stuck inside to abide
In the stark dark of your own soul,
On the verge of tears . . .
With all of your fears . . .
And you try, but you cry . . .
You cry.



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