The Tree: Part of You, Part of Me


I am part of everything I see;
Everything I see is part of me
~ the tree, honey bee, the deep blue sea ~
So hating myself is hating you;
Hating you is hating myself;
Striking you is striking myself;
Striking myself is striking you
~ cries in war-torn lands and villain bands ~
Reach for the sky, touch the earth;
Teach my soul from place of birth,
Eternal worth, and you’ve taught
Yourself your own invaluable value
~ up from shallow valleys to mountains grand ~
Sand of time an illusion, fusion
Of our souls in transformation
~ blind men bait with hate merely to satiate ~
You are part of everything you see;
Everything you see is part of you
~ old and new, many and few, the morning dew~
Being good to others is good for you;
Others good to you is good for them, too.

Touch the earth and reach for the sky!


Note: Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh


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