Plough Through the Night

Dedicated with love and appreciation to Tati and Tony of Unbolt and Crumble Cult , two of my magnificent inspirations.

Night comes with fright now and sweat on my brow
As I plough thru the starkness of thick darkness;
Fear grips my mind and in like kind my heart, too!
And I cannot allow myself sleep, to descend into
An unimaginable keep of dangerous dæmonic horde
To lord over my very soul, and so to make me drink
From bowl of victims deep in the layers of Sheol;
So I lie awake for sake of my heart, playing part
Of an unending battle ‘gainst the Watchers terrible,
But this is unbearable, and eventually I succumb
To dangerous slumber for dæmons to plunder and
Rip me asunder under moonlight fair and bright
That sheds her light, my plight fully known to her,
And it is in her sight I find they cannot bind me,
For she fights my soul to save as she staves off
Such demanding band of wraiths as sand of time
Passes thru hourglass till morning cock-crow
When begins again the show of life-way on another
Day as I arise again to say, “Good morning to you!”


4 thoughts on “Plough Through the Night

  1. I haven’t known what to say, Jonathan. I still don’t. I clicked “like” on this because I genuinely do, but I’ve had to go away and think on this for a while. I’m moved. I know that much. And I love the imagery! Thank you, good sir! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Jonathan ❤
    I'm ready to yell at your ear 'Good morning! Wake up, Jonathan!' every day 😛
    I will never let you forget to what extent unique and precious every new day in your life is!

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