Do You Feel What I Feel?

My Attempt At Nine-Fold Poetry


Do you feel what I feel as I kneel?
I will keel over rather than heal,
But do you care that I’m in a snare?

Now my mind reels with what could have been,
What was perceived, but I was deceived
By your elocution I received.

Haunting, and the soul is left bereft
Since you left nothing so kind behind;
Now my spirit is strange to my mind.


Note: I’d like to give a shout-out to Ninefold Evolution for challenging me to challenge myself. Please do visit his blog; you’ll not be disappointed!


3 thoughts on “Do You Feel What I Feel?

  1. You got it! Love it. Physical imagery created in the first stanza while mind and spirit were evoked in the following two. Thank you for giving the challenge a try. Could you link back to my challenge so your followers see its origins?

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