manearthbirthSomething inside is churning, dying to outcome,
Something burning and curling my very spine;
Something feels alive in the hive of my soul;
Something pulling, shuffling head and heart.
And it’s alive, gripping and ripping my mind,
Binding my spirit in torture, dæmonic scorcher;
It feeds on my being, bleeds me of all life,
Leaving me rife with pain, driving me insane.
What is this creature? what this soul leecher?
What to plunder me, rip me completely asunder?
What that leads to creation after emasculation?
Help me! I am possessed, my thoughts repressed;
At the base of my back it attacks to control
And take my whole being to roll me like dice;
I am no more man, but like mice in an haze
Of some hellish maze in a craze of energy!
It must come out, this numinous infestation,
In some creative masturbation, then do I die?


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