Luna, Luna, Majestic Light

Luna shining in the daytime sky,
While Sol rules the blue on high;
Nothing can cover over your beauty,
And is this not my duty to sing?
To bring your praise to low earth,
To blow trumpet sound, bound by
Unfettered desire, love from above,
In creaturely heart; I play my part.
Oh Luna, Luna hear me and the strain
Of pain I bear ne’er able to reach
And touch, but teach me patience
In the wait to satiate my appetite
With so slight a beam so radiant
From celestial face ere so bright,
Splendor of the night; smite me
With might of your borrowed light,
Sweet Luna, precious Luna, star
From afar, queen of tranquility,
Regal mother of peaceful fertility,
Gentility that bows me in humility;
Touch me, caress me, and let me be
Ever in your care, your arms to bear!


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