From the Halls of Time Forgotten

Awake! What is this that soundeth from the Halls of Time Forgotten?
For the sake of flesh and blood doth the Voice of the Philosopher
Arise to gainsay those who’ve lost their way; to query what the Lady
Doth teach of power, of love, of wisdom, of happiness descended from
Above? Tis to turn away from fickle Fortune, harlot of ill-minds
Who doth bind heart and soul, corrupteth body, and open the mouth
Of the grave wide on this side of Hell. Ah! But Lady Wisdom doth call
Forever to the youthful spirit, whom Passion driveth unrelenting and
Unbending to bend lads and lasses, one and all, with call to satiate
Unending appetite; and her Voice she raiseth in street and marketplace
By choice, never compelled, to save from ruin whom Passion and Fortune
Would enchain to such baneful life of short-lived pleasure bought
With many tears brought forth from scarlet eyes and heaving bosoms…
Awake! Dost thou hear the call, the true Voice over-against Fear
Of fickle Fortune and the whore of Passion to abhor both sisters
Sprung from the belly of Abyss at bidding of Hades, ever god of death
Lurking in the shadows for souls to steal, what Wisdom could not save
From such destiny? Listen to Voice from the Halls of Time Forgotten,
For thou only hast to remember that which Mankind forgot to learn
To save thyself from doom of burning, everlasting flames…

Note: Inspired by Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy.


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