Though the Fires Burn…

Battling Depression

Though fires burn in the war that’s waged
In my soul, ever intense at every turn,
Twixt heaven and hell in earth besieged;
And confusion leavens such humbled life
On bended knees ‘tween the singing trees
What scatter such numinous beauty leaves;
Tis one blow more to the enemy engaged,
Enraged; bloody face and hands held high,
And the end well-nigh ~ I hear the bells
Of fiery hell ~ yet do I think on brink
Of death, though I may sink into the Pit,
Tis better to fight with might and hope
For victory and heaven in sight, to try
To claim my crown without sinful blame,
Nor on this field yield to pitiful shame,
Though here I try, I may very well die.
Tis no game, and I’ll not be tame…
I fight!


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