Understanding the Blessing of the Viper

Farid, I thought I alone had sorrow;
Sorrow is spread all over the whole world.
From my roof-top I saw
Every home engulfed in sorrow’s flames.
— Adi Granth, Shalok, Farid (Sikhism)

For your own sake, handle not the snake,
But know this: Even the creature’s hiss
Is a mournful cry to God to draw nigh;
No, even the Viper is not without pain,
And often strikes, but for nothing to gain;
She’s not insane, no, but strikes in haste
For lack of love in this trackless waste.
Keep your distance, then, never giving-in
To her insistence, but bind not you heart
Against your sibling; be not unkind to she
Who lives in pain under strain of wounds
Of life lived as wife and mother, sister
And other roles that have punched holes
In her soul. At safe distance, then, fill
Up her bowl with fruits of love from above;
And be truly thankful, too, for the Viper,
For the snake has been given for your sake,
To make you honest, nothing fake or fraud;
Smile at the Red Viper; hold your head high!
You’ve been fed; now fly the angelic sky!


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