Sweet melancholy ache in the soul, like an unfillable hole,
Calls me from the world of care to some different layer
Of life no rife with pain, but desire for spiritual gain;
To feed upon immortality and ne’er to fein satisfaction
In what banquet is provided by such sweet, mighty angels
In whom my spirit has confided upon this theophic mountain,
Where springs the fountain of life from which I’m invited
To drink as I sink into restful sleep beyond death in keep
Of the Spirit of eternal food and drink and all that is good;
And so I lay me down, not quite content, but ever intent
On reaching far shore barely seen, not more than line of haze
In these days of melancholy ache to be done with the folly
Of life in this world into which I’ve been hurled; oh! but
See heavenly banner unfurled across the celestial ocean way,
Where one day I will cross to make my stay far away from
Here, so near, not dear; no tear shall be shed when heads
My ship to cross, to leave behind melancholy heart and mind.


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