Believe Me, I Know: Blow the Show!

Oh believe me I know how it feels, when you peel away the protective layers from around my bound heart; to be more than a little misunderstood, odd man out in the hood; to shiver inside with fears, and cry the silent tears as the years roll by, and you’re left with a lonely sigh, and you want to say ‘good-bye,’ but you know you can’t and the show goes on.

Oh believe me I know how it feels to be so unreal; to play someone else’s part with a jump start to the heart; to weep inside but never let it seep from your eyes cause it would blow your disguise; and you don’t even know if God hears or cares while you’re tripping over the devil’s snares; and it’s not fair because the real you has so much flair, but it’s all bottled up inside, there to abide … forever?

Oh believe me I know how it feels, to never completely heal; to roll out of bed just because the clock said it’s time to dress and head back into the same game of life — just another daytime act packed with smiling lies — and your heart doesn’t matter cause you’ve just gotta play the part from start to finish, but finish never seems to come and your whole body feels numb.

Oh believe me I know how it feels, to be locked away inside, controlled by the clock; to be just another sheep in the flock with some block to every road to freedom, so your mode of operation is an illusion with confusion in profusion of insanity under the pretense of perfect sense; and you’re dying inside, vainly trying to stop the lying, but you don’t know how … so you simply bow and go on.

Oh believe me I know, I know; I’ve been part of this show for years now, and it brings no cheer; believe me, though, if you can you’ve gotta break free, release the “me” inside that makes you who you really are: another brightly shining star; you’ll go far if you can just cross the bar! So bang the bell and raise the rebel yell, for you and me, and defy the lie that you’ve got to conform to the norm! Show the world that your norm is an untamed storm of ingenuity, an unashamed blemish on society that won’t diminish, but rather finish the race you’ve begun to run on your own terms that make ever conformist squirm…

Oh believe me I know, I know tis the better show where you’re producer, director, and protector of your life and your dreams rather than living life that ever only seems… I know.


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