Worlds Clash, Collide and We Hope

Worlds clash, but we live in but one,
One upon which the sun rises and surprises
Us with the dawning of new day, to make
Our way, yet we are not here to stay…

In the other world there is but bright light,
No sun to rule the day; here there is no sight
Of angels, heavenly spirits that command
Adoration in sensation of awe and wonder…

But we do blunder through this world into
Which we’ve been hurled without rhyme
Or reason, ever out of season, though we
Be about our business, and shouts ascend.

Here we wait to begin again, because past
does not last, and the future is here
But not near, always out of reach to teach
Us patience; the present is all we have.

In the other we’ll not be bothered with
So many purses full of curses, and none
Of which we may rid ourselves in some bid
For better life; that will have to wait,
Yet we still take the bait of desperation
In impatient expectation that all will be
As it should be, for me, you, and you, too.


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