On This Sunday Morn

featherTake my life and let it be this day
In this way, never more here to stay,
But to fly up away into the blue sky
So free to be me, with you, to see
And burn by the sun, new life begun;
One more song to sing, and to swim
With clouds and purity they bring
Again to begin again, wash away all
Of my sin this Sunday morn; fresh,
To mourn no more and be born again;
Hide my life and let it be this day
Wholly held by you, with you to stay.




Note: My selection-collection of esoteric-mystical poetry is now available at Lulu.com  And it is, alas, but a selection; however, I do believe the best selection, and the price is affordable, so… Lulu is taking order right now!

On the Mystica Via: Poetry of Rhi Brannon

Purchase copies for family, friends, offices, waiting room tables, etc. And thank you ALL in advance for your kind and gracious and humbling support! All the best to each of you w/blessings!


8 thoughts on “On This Sunday Morn

      1. Hi! I’ve checked your book of poetry with Lulu, in fact I saw that you have other interesting titles as well but all in Paperback. Not a bad thing by no means, it’s just that shipping costs are not my friends:-). Are you planning eBooks or Kindle versions in the nearby future?

              1. Yay! I received my copy yesterday and I have already started reading:-). I have to confess though that I am a diligent reader when it comes to poetry, i.e. I take my time to enjoy and understanding it. But I will certainly review it, when finished.

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