Treble Sophia of Buddha

Singing of the birds;
Better than one thousand words,
One song that is heard.

Fair the sailing ship;
Better than much vain worship
And babble of lips.

Greeting all things new;
Better still are all things true,
And all good pursue.


Note: Inspired by readings from The Dhammapada 

Also: My selection-collection of esoteric-mystical poetry is now available at  And it is, alas, but a selection; however, I do believe the best selection, and the price is affordable, so… Lulu is taking order right now!

On the Mystica Via: Poetry of Rhi Brannon

Purchase copies for family, friends, offices, waiting room tables, etc. And thank you ALL in advance for your kind and gracious and humbling support! All the best to each of you w/blessings!


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