The Dreaded Writer’s Block!

What is this that rages inside, that cages me
Like a wild animal, some temper-tantrum child?
Why these race of thought? I can’t keep pace;
It’s all a jumble as I bumble through the day!
I’m in dismay, like I’m in some demonic fray!

Oh, help me if you will command it all go away;
Demand the sand of time pass smoothly this day,
Though I can never repay you for sunshine ray
You shine in the world to which I’ve been hurled;
Hurry! life is getting blurry; I’m ready to scurry!

One song, one bong to calm me down, and thank you
For the upside frown, for playing the funny clown,
But I’m still confused, and none the more amused,
And could be accused of having been sorely misused;
But can’t you just shut out all earthbound sound?

Peace that does not cease;
Kindness of utter blindness;
Ever calm in healing balm;
Divine charm without harm.

This is what I now need to begin again to live again…

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