Please, Please Vote! I NEED Your Feedback IN THE POLL! Thank You!

If you, my dear readers, would please be so kind as to take a moment to simply answer this poll, you would be doing me a huge favor! Please realize, too, that your vote remains anonymous, so I will not know who votes how … if that is of any concern. Please, it only takes a few seconds to answer, and I would/will be most grateful… The more votes I receive, the better the help provided in my answering this important question myself. Just be honest and take the few seconds necessary to answer … And a big, big ‘thank you’ to you for doing so!


20 thoughts on “Please, Please Vote! I NEED Your Feedback IN THE POLL! Thank You!

    1. Thank you! As for the polling, I used Poll Daddy. You should see a link to Poll Daddy at the bottom of the actual poll. It’s very easy to use: You first create you poll, save it, begin a new post and choose “Add Poll” to embed the poll in your post… East as that; even I can do it! LMAO 😉

    1. Well, it’s just that I’ve tried independent publishing before and honestly it was a flop! LOL Soooo, I just wanted to do some pre-marketing polling to help me to decided whether or not to give it a go again. We’ll see … It does take an awful lot of time and effort! 😉

      1. Yup, no doubt, I’ve been there, I worked on publishing and promoting 2 books for someone, and it took years of almost full time work and financial losses. Still, it was worth it. Like Leonard Cohen once said, once he stopped caring what others thought of his songs and just wrote for himself, he was happy. Have fun no matter what you do with your passion.

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