Glue In My Shoe

I woke up, poked my head down beside my bed
Only to find glue in my shoe — ooh, nasty —
And I flew into a rage to shame any ole sage,
And asked who knew who put glue in my shoe!
But, of course, no one knew; ah!ย but they knew,
And I knew they knew, or at least had a clue
About who put glue in my shoe, but so few care
When it’s not their shoe with glue. Now, you
Might dare to care if it was your shoe with glue;
You’d probably spew in anger and threaten to sue,
Wouldn’t you? If you had glue in your own shoe,
But who was the shrew who did the sticky deed,
And was she full of mead? And how do I know
Any shrew did the trick? Screw it all anyway!
Maybe it was a crew that construed the idea
To make me pay my due ~ after all, I did accrue
An undeniable slew of debt on too many bets
But who the hell rang the bell to glue my shoe?
Now I’ll be stuck in the one shoe with glue,
And I cannot bid adieu to the one shoe while
Keeping the other, brother shoe without any glue!
How odd would that be, you see, but then again…
How many people are stuck in one shoe with glue,
Due to how they construe the best way of walking
On through the world with no breakthrough thought
To pop in their blind mind that they’re stuck
In glue in one shoe, like they’re eating fondue
And enjoying life though only one foot can be free,
You see; and this is me … with glue in my shoe.
Something’s sure as hell askew, and this I knew
So soon as moon gave way to sun, and the mad tune
Of clock made me pop out of bed, nearly on my head,
And, as I’ve said, only to find glue in my shoe!
But maybe I’ll not wear fare shoes at all this Fall;
After all, I’m surely not one to walk round with glue
In my shoe! I’m not the thrifty, sticky kind of guy.
So … farewell to my shoe with glue? It seems the case
However base and to leave the other one torn away
And then never worn, but maybe it, too, cannot stay?
Ah! Who put glue in my shoe! Surely not yours truly?

Tell me, please, do you, too, have glue in your shoe???



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