Freeflow Meditation on Life

VineVineRFirst stirrings of life — ancient, primordial
Light and Spirit of Life, Breath of Life, immortal;
Waves upon waves, stirring life in oceanic caves;
All is good, all is well, all is peace;
Birth of new world, world of new birth,
Continual from generation to generation
All around, around us all, both great and small.

Flying through the waters, swimming in the sky;
Birds of the sea, fish of the air in every tree;
Life pushing up from Gaia, reaching for distant Sol,
Sun washing green children in bath of light,
Streaming light, never-ending, always bright;
Luna carries on work of brother Sol at night;
Vines of crystal forcing course thru stone out of sight.

VineVineRSand, grains of salt, river malt, crack-line faults;
Antelope hands, strains of grain, grassy land;
Schools of zebra, prides of xynia, ethereal tools;
Canopy of palms, healing balm, mountains kneeling;
Flowers dress plains; plains undress flowers in pain
Only to begin again, and again begin in life
With no strife, striving for life — single, one begun.

Ether twirling, swirling unseen, tincture of vitality,
Glue of symbiotic immortality,
As the Spirit moves from the One to all
And from all to the One unbegun;
Footprint of the womb-man and man; songs sung
By stars and birds and whales; all belong
To world of life, and life of the world…

Hurled thru space and time…



6 thoughts on “Freeflow Meditation on Life

  1. Wow, Jonathan, beautiful. I have been out, away from social media mostly, busy and sick, – trying to catch up now – and I see you just exploded with poetry and creativity! It amazes me how you can write so much, and so much variety, and so polished. Best of luck to you with parts of life that are poetic and not so poetic too.

    1. Thank you so much, Kristina; I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been sick, though. How are your little ones? I hope they haven’t been sick, too. 😦 As for me, well… Life is oftentimes like poetry, sometimes more like tragi-comedy! LOL

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