Caillína: Time in the Fáelána Clan

2520Our day begins, we say, as Sol makes way
Over the far horizon, chased by shining star
From afar as Luna spreads her ray in play
Of delightful nightfall, ever wanting to stay,
But she, too, must always dance and sway
In the majestic display of unfolding seasons.

And so, too, there is Samonios, birth of another year,
And the Chlann-mór pour out prayers there’ll be cheer,
That Dumannios, who follows, will not be death hallow,
But will swallow fear of such dark-drear cold so near
To hearth and home where tome of family is written,
Yet story often bitten with bitter tears in the new year.

Comes Riuros, so morose, when dæmons draw close,
Engross clan in grandiose terror and mindless error,
To make themselves joyous, which is why Anagantios
Is the time to stay; climb into bed and cover the head;
On through thick ice of Ogronios, very inharmonious,
Yet the winds of Cutios promise fair bends in weather.

After Cutios follows Giamonios, who disputes the cold
With shoots of new life pregnant with fruits and flutes
Of returning birds, herds of beasts from great to least,
Making way for Simivisonios, a new time of bright light,
Inviting fair-sight of Equos with her happy horse play
Thru longer days, warmer than former coarse months.

Reclamation of beautiful creation comes in Elembiuos,
Introducing the beat of heat in the coming of Edrinios,
Which lasts not long; the song of cool nights belongs
To Cantlos, strong, bearing along the end of the cycle,
Bidding farewell to the seasons with chimes and bells,
To begin again, in which turning the Chlann-mór belong.

Note: I am indebted to Living Myths: The Celtic Year  for learning and understanding the Celtic/Gaelic calendar. Also, Wikipedia provides much good information on the same.


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