Caillína: Worship in the Fáelána Clan

celtic_goddessSmooth chanting rolled over her like gentle Autumn rain,
Soothing churning spirit, quietly washing away every stain,
Serenely turning mind into calm, peaceful, heavenly plain,
Settling troubling thoughts into placid pool with no pain.

Deeping male voices blended in perfect melody with female,
Creating hale images dancing, spinning, and telling a tale,
Meeting frail souls bending and resting and lifting the veil,
Keeping grail of holy loving and living against dark gale.

Caillína swayed just slightly, eyes closed, softly praying,
Fáelána and Suíbhnæ lightly held small child from straying,
Sélená unseen brightly smiling lit the thank-hall mystifying,
Olcana lay prostrate rightly repenting with tears streaming.

Angel3Assembling as one on Sabóide was special for the Chlann-mór,
Resembling one body, one life was nearly celestial for the poor,
Trembling as one to Dyēus was clearly essential for grandeur,
Strengthening one another strongly against any force majeure.

Here they gathered for the Quiet Day;
Here they gathered to re-find the Way;
To hear whatever the Spirit might Say;
To see what foundation God might Lay.

Flickering candles, incense helped calm the most restless,
Differing sounds of nature blended into harmonious caress,
Whispering angels tenderly filled the whole room all to bless,
Fluttering birds sweetly sang with the monastics to coalesce.

Powerfully she stood beside timid Gácuidiú, locked arm in arm,
Persuasively she guided her round the thank-hall with no alarm,
Passionately she led Gácuidiú in prayer against every evil harm,
Pleasantly she directed her at altar to kneel in beautiful charm.

Such was worship in the Fáelána Clan —
Much like worship since the world began.


Chlannmór — Large Family (or Clan)

Sabóide — Sabbath (Quiet Day; Day of Clan Worship)

Note: First Photo found at Everything Under the Moon ; Second Photo, “Elyra,” by Phoenix Lu (Here recast as an Angel)


5 thoughts on “Caillína: Worship in the Fáelána Clan

  1. Noblethemes, you should be on instagram and twitter, you are missing out on a biog following 🙂 ! This could easily become the subject of some games. I don’t get mysticism but I do get what games sell, LOL!

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