Caillína’s Song

WarriorWB3Oh Dyēus and daughters, Tri-Mater Goddess,
I pray for peace and all violence to cease;
Though I do yield to fight upon battle field,
I await sweet serenity in timeless eternity.

Host of angels watch ore the innocent unborn,
And may they not be torn from mother’s womb
To be buried in cold, lifeless, earthen tomb,
But know care of family and love from above.

Legions of dæmons fly from earth and sky;
By faith we’ll not be haunted and daunted;
We will meet you in every place with grace,
And torch your hideous tome in every home!

Oh Dyēus and daughters, Tri-Mater Goddess,
May we feed hunger, and care for the younger,
And to our dear aged parents never be errant;
Bless sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers.
May we live in such a way that life lives in us,
And believe we’ll receive when we do not cleave;
Give in generosity, not in paucity and animosity;
What we have may be taken away this very day.

Lust and distrust be gone that we may be just!
Malice, slander, callous words, leave you must;
We’ll not hide and abide beneath flies of lies,
But speak in truth and candor and never pander!

StoneWalkB1Oh Dyēus and daughters, Tri-Mater Goddess,
Bless round Gaia and may all nature abound;
Creatures who sing, everything the soil brings
To raise our one voice and together rejoice!

May we not cower in life but tower in virtue;
May we not cringe at the singe of hell’s fire,
But face the Liar, send him back to dark mire,
And ne’er forget what he admits into our lives.

You know us, Dyēus, so do bless and caress us,
And dress us now for world to come some day
Ever in your own good time and most perfect way:
Oh Dyēus and daughters, our Tri-Mater Goddess!
We await sweet serenity in timeless eternity…


11 thoughts on “Caillína’s Song

        1. No, I believe she was Egyptian, if I remember correctly… You’ll have to excuse me; it’s very early in the morning here and my mind is not quite awake yet! 🙂

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