Sélená and Secrets of Life: Revelation, Part II

“Why do you worry so when your story has only
Begun, my son? You’ve not yet won your prize,
And if there are those who despise, remember
Dyēus uses even fools for his tools of glory.

Dear one, clouds of pain give the rains of joy,
And there is no satisfaction without deprivation,
Nothing that will suffice without self-sacrifice,
Nor any satisfaction without arduous retraction.”

Cool breeze blew over same fond, placid pond,
Tranquil pool in midst of grand forest stand;
But now with a rustic stone building spilling
Along the edge of water and hedge of forest.

“Ah! There is pretty Caillína singing her witty
Little ditty! Fine and strong for girly of nine;
She loves to play, but one who crosses will pay
And rue the day he grew too bold with Caillína!”

“Why am I in this place, in this space of time?
Such boldness and beauty I see, but why for me?
Is this to inspire? I’m not afire in my dire soul;
I cannot acquire any greatness in the lateness
Of this my life so rife with failure and strife!”

“Have you not heard a word I’ve spoken to you?
Will you emasculate yourself to ejaculate all
Of what goodness you’ve been given to enliven
So many in need of what you can feed, and just
Because you can’t relieve and believe in yourself?

Looking down in shame, self-blame: “I have tried
to preach and teach, to lead, and even to bleed
For others only to be smothered and made to wear
In disgrace sackcloth and ashes, with slashed-face,
And all for nothing, save crushing humiliation.”

Tan-skinned Caillína ran and jumped, plumped down
And rolled and laughed laughter she could not hold;
“Why do you think I am showing you such glowing
Scenes of mystic miracles if not for your knowing?
Now here come Fáelána and Suíbhnæ, heaven flowing.

“What do you think of these two-in-one? Do you blink
At Fáelána? Pay no mind that people despise her kind?
Don’t you see how far they’ve come and what they are?
Do you imagine they’ve had satin beds and pageants
Of jasmine in grand fashion? No! You cannot fathom!

“Fáelána and Suíbhnæ have faced dragons and famines,
Black maggots, assassins, more than you can imagine!
And they are different, but brilliant in commitment;
Scorned by the elite so replete with gold and meat;
Rejected by established institutions of pollution!

“Yet here Suíbhnæ cleaves to Fáelána in this arena
Of this time and place, and together they chime
And climb the way of love and peace, day upon day,
And never to stay to mourn what evil they’ve borne.

“Bow to these three as icons of what you can yet be;
If you but listen closely, you will see the glisten
Of your better self, and see your heart on the shelf
Where you laid it to rest with the best of yourself.”

“Be filled, no longer hollow, and others will follow;
As Suíbhnæ, do not deny your Fáelána, and no more cry,
Nor try to please and appease the dæmons of disease…
Ah! But there is yet more glory yet for you to read
In this mystic magnificent story…




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