Beginning Again: Theáphös Rises to Meet Achlys

06dae4aageelAnd so the sun was not frozen, forever blighted
From sight by Achlys, but brightly rose once more;
And Theáphös shines in the dark, marks her power,
And Achlys cannot over-tower but is made to cower.

“What did you think?” asks the brilliant Theáphös,
As Achlys blinks, hovering and covering her eyes;
“That you would shame and claim such dear child
So meek and mild with your wild, beguiled frenzy?”

“Should he die, I will carry him high into the sky;
You’ll have no part of his broken heart by ill-spoken
Curse you’ve nursed in your forever-blackened soul,
What slackens not to kill for another ravenous meal.”

goddess-lightAh! And then was seen her daughter, sweet Selene,
And Ma’at, Maftet, swords drawn in the rising dawn;
“Did you think you were left bereft of all hope?”
Maftet mildly smiled, then lunged and plunged blade
Into the fading dark, with stark screams of Achlys
As Ma’at loomed ore top the gloom of the witch-bitch
Of the Abyss; everlasting light sending her to flight!

“You worry, hurry, and scurry in such endless flurry,”
Theáphös spoke, “when you can just as easily lay
Open yourself to the light as to the blight of night.
Be light, and do not fight for what is out of sight.”


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