This Lucid Thought

For the Mad Hatter, aka Unbolt! Expanding upon her most poignant creativity… If you don’t already, you need to meet this talented wordsmith!

Open wounds … unbound and bright-red crowned;
How many of them ~ throughout my soul aplenty ~
In me, on me, and I cannot see; I can only be…
I don’t care; my heart lays bare as I stare
As light bores through, reaches my core,
And through each hole moves like a troll
So now I’m a filament in fulfillment of the infinite;
Light shines through the holes in my soul,
To be beacon to others so weakened by strife of life.


Note: Taken from an Incandescent lamp by unbolt… Thank you for the ‘lucid thought!’



12 thoughts on “This Lucid Thought

      1. Yes, I am from Lithuania, so I spoke it pretty well back there, but it is a bit more difficult now, since I had not practiced. I can still watch all Russian movies though. 🙂

        1. It’s so very… Ох! Что я пишу?!
          Очень приятно познакомиться!
          Меня зовут Татьяна и я из Украины 🙂

            1. Спасибо огромное, Кристина!
              Честно говоря, я практически не пишу на русском сейчас… может быть, зря? 🙂
              Пожалуйста, берегите себя!

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